Month: February 2013

New to CrossFit?

New to CrossFit? Have you googled CrossFit, found ridiculous videos of insanely ripped men and women? Found articles about how CrossFit is bad and causes injuries? Found testimonials of amazing results and progress? When I just googled CrossFit, the first things that popped up were: How to get started, 10 tips for success, cult or …
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Shoes…… There are so many……yet there is a pattern to them. When you look at CrossFit and the simple fact that it is about not specializing, how can you pick the right shoe? Are there any shoes for every application? Maybe, sorta, not really, but yes and no. Confused yet? Good. GPP WOD Shoes Let’s …
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CrossFit WOD Strategy

The CrossFit Open is upon us, so it is a great time to discuss workout strategy.  I am sure some of you are thinking “Why would I need a strategy for a workout, its not a game of monopoly?” But…we want you to get the best possible score and how you do that is by …
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