Month: February 2016

The Coachable Athlete

The Coachable Athlete – not just for you Do we remember what CrossFit used to be? Here is my experience of what is used to be.  $300 per month membership health investments and coaches that broke down your entire movement pattern to teach you to move efficiently, trained you to move more weight quicker, invoked …
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February Attendance Challenge

February Attendance Challenge 1500 Workouts Can we hit it? If we reach 1500, the coaches will do 1 Wall Ball for every workout completed. So if we go past our goal and say hit 1520, the coaches will have to do 1520 Wall Balls! That alone is worth it, don’t you agree? Many of us …
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Open Prep

Additional Open Prep The Open is upon us! With about 3 weeks leading up the first workout announcement, 16.1, we will be putting together an additional WOD program to help you perform the best during the 5 weeks. The Open has a very distinct style of programming, in which although we don’t know what will …
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