The Open can be a stressful time for some athletes because, well it is 5 weeks of competing. This includes trying to hit workouts early in the week, planning out food prep, making sure you aren’t sore come Thursday, sleeping, working, leader-boarding, the list goes on and on.


So how can we have the best Open experience? Check it out:

1.) Be serious but have fun:
This is meant to be a fun time of the year, at least it is at our gym! This is why we run Eminence Open, an In-House intramural style event. Take out the stress and focus on how much fun you get to have with your CFE community. For some people, the CrossFit Open is their CrossFit Games. So you know what? There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and treating the Open like the Games. You can treat it seriously while still having fun. Take a rest day on Thursday when the workout is announced, then Friday attack it with 100% effort (the Open WOD’s will be the  CFE’s WOD on Fridays) or complete it over the weekend. But remember: it’s ok to have fun doing the Open!


2.) Get ready now:
If there is a skill that you know you are struggling with…now is the time to work on it. DO NOT wait until the week of or when the WOD is announced to decide to work on that skill. I have seen athletes already working on Snatch technique, muscle ups, and more during Open Gym sessions. If you fail to work on your weaknesses now and wait until the Open…you only have yourself to blame! Set up some 1on1 time with a coach and get those skills down. Need to work on Oly? See one of the Barbell coaches. Need to work on Gymnastics? See Nasty or Adrian!


3.) Have a strategy: 
When the WOD is announced what do you do? Do you just do the workout without having a strategy or do you plan out your reps, your rest, etc? We (the coaches) will have a suggested plan in regards to how to approach each Open workout. Regardless of suggestions, online tips, and so on; pick a plan and stick with it. This will help you stay calm and relaxed during the workout.

4.) Rest/Active Recovery: 
Treat Thursday like an “easy” day. Come in, do something light, or the workout of the day which will be programmed as an active recovery day. We will be watching the announcements live at the gym, so come a bit early, row/bike/run then hit up some mobility while you watch the announcement. The only ones doing an intense workout on Thursday’s are those nominated to go head-to-head!

5.) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself:
The CrossFit Open should be an awesome experience as it tests your abilities and shows you how far you’ve come since starting CrossFit. Embrace it, have fun, don’t stress out and you’ll be on your way to the best Open you’ve ever had. No matter what your online ranking is, appreciate your ability to do what you do every day. Never lose sight of how much you have improved in the bigger picture. Be grateful for the awesome community that you are a part of and enjoy the journey!