As soon as you start getting frustrated with your performance and get angry with a movement that you thought you ‘had’, that is when you are in trouble. Remember the days of overhead squatting with a PVC pipe during Fundamentals and being sore the next day? Or how about all those bands you needed to attach to the bar in order to complete some pull-ups?


The 5 Stages of a CrossFitter (according to me)


*The stages can happen all in the same week, in no particular order. Just like CrossFit is constantly varied, so are the stages*

Everything is new and exciting, learning new movements, meeting new people, and seeing results. Classes are fun, workouts are hard but rewarding, strength is improving.

This shit is hard and I am not in shape enough. Maybe I should quite and try something else?

Why can’t I get pull ups? Why is a Snatch so hard? Kris over there makes everything look so easy, why can’t I be like that?

I just PR’s my Squat! I got 5 unbroken pull ups! I met 2 new friends at the gym today and get to celebrate a birthday with the gym this weekend. To many “firsts” to track!

This shit is hard, but I can do it. No matter how much better I get, there will always be something I need to practice, someone who can beat me, or a new movement I will learn; and that is ok.


The frustration!!! Ugh, the frustration!

Frustration happens to all of us in life.  Frustration never ends, it just changes! Sometimes this frustration can be the jump start to motivating yourself.

I’ve heard frustrations around the gym lately-

I’ll never figure out how to kip!
Why can’t I do a pull up yet?!
I just can’t (fill in the blank)
You don’t understand because you don’t suck.

The last one is, well to be honest, my favorite. I say that because I am pretty sure I tell that to Kris regularly; which is also unfair. We all have things we are working on….

I’ve been known to complain, cry, swear, and storm out of class. And that was just last week!  Seriously.  There are times I just want to give it all up. But here I am here, almost 10 years of doing CrossFit; still progressing, still struggling, still loving it.

I need to remind myself where I started: OHS with the training bar and wood plates, thickest band possible for pull-ups, and running was my worst nightmare.

Then I look at where I’m at today:  I can do butterfly pull ups, I recently got a Snatch PR, I get to meet new people all the time, and have fun. I still try my hardest, I still scale as needed to meet the intent of the programming, and I always set new goals.

Whatever your reason may be for doing CrossFit, it’s important that you never forget why you signed up for CrossFit in the first place. It is too easy to get consumed by our frustrations, compare ourselves to others, and give up.

Once you realize that you are actively pursuing your goals each time you step foot in the gym, I’m sure your outlook on CrossFit and your current frustrations will change for the better. CrossFit doesn’t need to be a stressful burden. If you start to feel burnt out, maybe you’ve overwhelmed yourself with too many goals and forgot to simply enjoy CrossFit. With the right perspective, you’ll see that it’s a great tool for achieving the simplest of goals—making you a happier athlete in the process.


Coach Lins