Barbell Club

our goal

Eminence Barbell Club is located inside of Collective Mvmnt here in Colorado. Our comprehensive weightlifting programming prepares our lifters to compete and be successful at all levels of competition, local to international. We have produced National Champions and international team members at the Youth, Junior, and Master levels.

In addition to weightlifting training, we also offer the following:

  • Train athletes and teams for sport specificity
  • Assist CrossFit athletes in the Olympic lifts
  • Provide personalized training and programming 
  • Host USAW certifications

Lifters have a designed weightlifting area and access to a multitude of programming. The membership offers a flexible schedule at our gym during any of our open gym hours. 

We offer beginner & advanced classes, all coached by certified weightlifting coaches. 

if you would like a more private, focused introduction to the lifts, we also offer one-on-one or small group personal training to teach you all the lifts you need to know, after which you can comfortably transition to our open gym format.