Open Gym

  With the popularity of open gym increasing on the weekends, I thought this would be a good time to discuss picking workouts and doing CrossFit during those open gym times on your own. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive guide, but more of some general things to...

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Updated Barbell Club

Eminence Barbell Club 2016 is upon us and we have rolled out a new and improved Barbell Club. We have options for experienced lifters and also for those brand new to weightlifting or weight training in general. Email to set up a free consult...

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Fit It Forward

For the past 2 years, our owner Lindsey, posted about something she wanted to do, starting near her Birthday; based on her mentor's gym, Catalyst Gym. It is called Fit it Forward. The last 2 year's we had our community participate in a huge way, so we are bringing it...

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Energy Pathways

Energy Pathways and How They Work   Ever feel crummy when you start a workout and then begin to hit your stride, get breathing harder and then everything seems to click better and you can push through the rest of the WOD? This happens to us due to different energy...

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The Coachable Athlete

The Coachable Athlete – not just for you Do we remember what CrossFit used to be? Here is my experience of what is used to be.  $300 per month membership health investments and coaches that broke down your entire movement pattern to teach you to move efficiently,...

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February Attendance Challenge

February Attendance Challenge 1500 Workouts Can we hit it? If we reach 1500, the coaches will do 1 Wall Ball for every workout completed. So if we go past our goal and say hit 1520, the coaches will have to do 1520 Wall Balls! That alone is worth it, don't you agree?...

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Open Prep

Additional Open Prep The Open is upon us! With about 3 weeks leading up the first workout announcement, 16.1, we will be putting together an additional WOD program to help you perform the best during the 5 weeks. The Open has a very distinct style of programming, in...

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5 Tips to The CrossFit Open

The Open can be a stressful time for some athletes because, well it is 5 weeks of competing. This includes trying to hit workouts early in the week, planning out food prep, making sure you aren't sore come Thursday, sleeping, working, leader-boarding, the list goes on...

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The Open

So what the heck is "The Open" that everyone is talking about? The Open is a worldwide online competition that is the first step in finding the fittest on earth, but more importantly it is a chance for CFE to come together as a community. Each year CFE puts everyone...

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