With the CrossFit Regionals currently going on I’m reading more and more on the type of ‘athlete’ you are and the associated training plan for your level. That’s all well and good but I think it’s good to re-emphasize your daily effort, regardless of your level.

I don’t think it’s possible, nor recommended to try to go 100% all the time. You”ll simply burn out, both in the WOD and in your overall training. What I’d like to see, from a workout schedule, is a consistent 3-5 days per week. Get that nailed in and try to stick with it so your body gets used to the amount of work and rest your giving it.

Then when it comes to the WOD, pace yourself so you spend more time working and less time resting/recalculating/recovering. Finding that pace & weight for a workout that allows you to challenge yourself but continue moving. If you go out too fast or too heavy, these short and efficient CrossFit workouts suddenly are short on work, high on rest and lose their efficiency. Similarly, going too light and too slow and simply cruising in your comfort zone isn’t going to get the desired results either.

Find that time in your workout when it gets uncomfortable and you want to quit and challenge yourself at that point. Get one more rep,  go 5 more seconds or go 2.5 pounds heavier. Do that every time you workout and we’ll see progress. Will you always get that extra rep or be able to move that extra weight? NO, but if you get to that place everyday and challenge yourself to stay there a bit, what you once thought was impossible becomes the norm! 

Check your effort, get uncomfortable, do the impossible!


Written By: Coach Scott