For the past 2 years, our owner Lindsey, posted about something she wanted to do, starting near her Birthday; based on her mentor’s gym, Catalyst Gym. It is called Fit it Forward. The last 2 year’s we had our community participate in a huge way, so we are bringing it back! Not just our members, but anyone in our community! 


We are starting on Monday Feb 22nd! 
We are asking you, over the next week, to do some random (and some not so random) acts of kindness.   When you realize that GIVING and SHARING make you happier than receiving possibly could, then you’ve got a way to make yourself happy for life. I’ll give you some cues to get you started. Call it Empathy OnRamp.
To get the most from these challenges, you will want to remain anonymous.  For example, our first challenge could be: buy a stranger coffee.  You don’t even need to be seen, after all you are doing a “random act of kindness.”

On the other hand, we want to know–and we want you to see–how much ‘happy’ we’re putting into our local community this week. Two hundred people buying two hundred cups of coffee for two hundred strangers might just make the sun shine a little brighter in North Denver.

We have changed our profile picture on our CFE FB Page and are asking you to use the same profile picture for the next week. Tag yourself in the picture. Make it your profile. When your friends ask what the heck it means, tell them! Maybe we will start an epic Fit it Forward!


All Challenges will be updated here starting Monday!