Time to get a little more uncomfortable.

Ok let’s talk about this. What do I mean uncomfortable? I mean going a little heavier than you want to. Trying to get it done a little faster, trying a different modification than you use every time.

Do you ever feel like everyone around you is PR’ing left and right and you just aren’t? Hopefully the answer is no. But just in case the answer is yes let’s explore some possible reasons.

There could be a couple of factors at play here. First how many times a week are you in the gym? We are all busy and have lives to live but are you committing yourself to at least 4­-5 days each week? CrossFit’s workout plan is 3 on 1 off. That may not work with everyone’s schedule but that is what is recommended. You could also do Monday­Friday with the weekends off. Sometimes it can be tempting to not take a rest day, but it is essential to muscle growth to give your muscles time to do just that.

Next, I want to you to think about how comfortable you are during your WODs. Are you using the same weights every WOD? I hate to say it but if your answer is yes, you aren’t going to make those gains that you may be hoping for. In order to make real progress you have to push yourself a little harder than you may want to. You should be a least a little scared to pick that bar back up.

Let’s use cleans for an example. Say we have a workout on Monday with 5 rounds of 2 cleans at 225/155lbs and you modify with 115/75lbs. Then Friday we have a workout with 2 rounds of 15 cleans 135/95 and again you modify with 115/75lbs. In Monday’s workout the clean is meant to be heavy. It is low rep but heavy weight. Friday’s workout was meant to be lighter weight with higher reps. So you should NOT use the same weight for both of those WODs. If you are using the same weight every time we do cleans no matter what the intention of the WOD you aren’t going to be getting stronger. Yes, you will get better at cleaning 115/75lb. However, you won’t be well equipped for those heavier days if you don’t get a little scared and do 5­-20 pounds more than usual on days when we have lower reps with heavier weight. (of course form first before weight, but you get what I am saying)

Another example are pull ups. Let’s say every time we have pullups in a workout you use 3 bands. You’ve been “stuck” on 3 bands for a year. How many workouts have you tried with 2 bands? Or 1 band? So what if it takes you a little longer than everyone else? At least you will know that you left everything on the table and gave it your all. Get excited when coach makes you take a band or two away. It means that they are pushing you to a higher place because they know you are capable of it! Or what if you’ve had your pull ups for a while now but they aren’t great yet. Make WOD goals for yourself. Shoot for at least 5 connected each round, or go unbroken or whatever it is for you. Tell the coach your plan so they can help hold you accountable. No matter where we are in our fitness, we can always go a little harder or faster.

We have this great program that we use for all the CrossFit classes called SocialWOD for a reason. Use it! If you need help getting this set up just see a coach and we will be more than happy to help you out. SocialWOD is a great tool for you to track and go back through your WODs to see how you have progressed or perhaps not been progressing. The scores are usually entered the day after the wod. Then you go in a put what weights you used or any modifiers you used that day. You can also put notes in there. Like if it felt really heavy that day, or the kettlebell swings felt great or any other notes regarding that day’s workout. How can you know if you are making progress if you don’t keep track of it? Be on top of your fitness!

What if you are brand new and you have no idea what I am talking about? Are you thinking to yourself “I just started working out, all of this is uncomfortable. Everytime I walk in CFE I’m uncomfortable?” That is totally fine if that is the case, in fact it is wonderful. You have to get uncomfortable to make positive gains in your life in any area. If you are uncomfortable coming to the gym, then just keep coming and you will soon see great results and learn to love the uncomfortable feeling because you will learn that is where the gains are made!

Athletes, I ask you to trust your coaches. When they tell you to add a little more weight, or try a new modifier for a movement. They know what they are doing and they truly want the best for you. Whether you are just starting out or doing several comps a year. We are here for you all! 🙂

I challenge you to get a little scared and uncomfortable and to just go for it! Get in here and let’s work. You MUST get uncomfortable to grow!


~Coach Demetria~


A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit