I Am CrossFit Challenge

This is not simply a weight loss challenge, it’s about all things CrossFit. That is, getting stronger, faster, fitter, and healthier. If your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, get in shape, or look better naked, this is your competition! Speaking of competition, this is meant to keep you strong and healthy during the CrossFit Open. This is not to be taken lightly and win or lose you will gain a ton of invaluable benefits. We work hard on this, with in depth progress reports and advice throughout.

First 30 Days:

Cleaning up your diet and cooking. You will follow strict Whole30 guidelines during this time. Learn how to eat on prescription and how to choose quality foods. The first 30 days you will be following the Whole30. You will get a handout to help you through these 30 days, plus emails and advice throughout.
During this time you will learn Lifestyle Adjustments. Learn how cortisol impacts your body composition, health in general, and overall sense of well being.

Second 30 Days:

Macronutrient Balance. Learn how to eat for your body type or goal body type. You will get custom macros at this time.

At the end of this challenge you will be able to move forward taking nutrition and fitness to a healthy mindset where it turns into a healthier lifestyle that can be sustained longterm.

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The Details:

8 Week Challenge:

Open to all CFE athletes.

Cost: $59
(Includes everything you will need to be successful! Plus custom macros and Skulpt Body analysis)


Kick Off & Benchmark Location: CrossFit Eminence

Scaled to ALL LEVELS of Fitness – no experience necessary!

The Challenge Includes

Benchmark Workouts
Before & After Photos
Weekly At Home Workouts
Weekly Food Log Review (using myfitnesspal app)
Weekly Emails and Check In’s
Free Nutrition Video: Whole30, Paleo, and Macro’s
1 Skills Workshop
Whole30 Rules
Custom Macros

Dates You Need to Know:

Monday Jan 16th: Day 1 of nutrition starts and registration closes
Monday Jan 16th: I am CrossFit Benchmark WODs
Monday Jan 10th: Body Fat Truck (additional cost): Sign up here
Saturday, Jan 21st 10-Noon: Make Up WOD(s) during open gym
Wednesday, Feb 8th 7:30pm: Skills Workshop at the gym (Details TBA)
Friday Feb 14th: Last day of Whole30, onto Macro’s
Thursday Feb 23rd: CrossFit Open begins. Register here
March 13th: I am CrossFit Benchmark Re-Test and last official day
March 18th: Open Gym Make Up
March 23rd: After Live Announcement and head-to-head, we will announce the winners. We will celebrate the end of the I am CrossFit challenge and The CrossFit Open during Friday Night Lights on the 25th.


The I Am CrossFit Benchmark Workouts:

TBA (can’t give you the fun just yet)



How does it work? (The Guidelines)

  • The competition will be approximately 8 weeks long.
  • All participants will:
    • Take your own full frontal and profile shot. All photographs are in shorts and a sports bra for the ladies.
    • Make an appointment with Body Fat Truck (if you want your Body Fat and Lean Mass Analysis) or schedule with a coach to get your body fat done via The Skulpt. Weigh In.
    • Perform I am CrossFit Benchmark Workouts.
  • On the last day all participants will repeat all tests.

What this challenge IS NOT:

  • This is NOT a biggest loser competition. This is not about improving one number, but 5 different numbers that measure your health. You can easily lose weight and become far less healthy.
  • It is NOT an excuse to fatten up before the competition. Don’t be counterproductive here!


Tips to Prepare for the challenge:

Download and sign up for your food tracker here:

Start getting your Learn on!! We want you to start this challenge off on the right step, so start reading here

Don’t want to cook or meal plan? Let Whole30 do it for you, more on that here



What is the prize?

There will be a Male winner and Female winner! There will be prizes!!  Actual winnings will be announced after all sign ups are in. Prizes, along with your new fit self, will be worth it, we promise!!

The winner will be decided based on the best on 3 main categories:

1. Compliance

2. Before/After Pictures/Body Fat Truck

3. Mystery (only coaches know) Plus Lots of options for bonus points
We will be adding in some bonus points along the way, which will be kept secret

Obviously a huge prize adds a ton of incentive, but keep in mind that there are no losers in this competition. Everyone who participates will be all things CrossFit…Fitter, Faster, Stronger.


Challenge FAQs:

What if I already train 5 days a week, is this challenge for me?

That depends – do you want to reach your goals FASTER? Then, YES! Want to crush the CrossFit Open? Then, YES!

I can’t make the benchmark day, can I still take on the challenge?

YES! We have a scheduled make-up benchmark date. If you cannot make the make-up benchmark date your I Am CrossFit coach will schedule a time with you.

I just started CrossFit, can I take this challenge on?

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it. Athletes of all levels take on this challenge and everyone gets results.

Because the challenge will entail so much one-on-one work with our trainers, we are limiting participation to the first 80 people who sign-up and pay. Registering is easy; simply sign up online! If you have any questions, email any of our coaches!

Will my photo end up on the internet?

No! These photos are for participants only. No photos will be posted on the Eminence or used for marketing without full permission.

How do I sign up?

The competition starts in January 2017, sign up here!
You can also bring a check or cash anytime between now and then as well.