Job Opportunities at Collective Mvmnt.

We have two opportunities to build your career and education in the fitness industry: Internships & Job Opportunities


**Please note: This internship program requires you to be an active, paying member at the gym. Our staff will invest considerable resources into your education and development. Participants should treat this as an education and development course.

The  program is broken into two learning categories: The Business of Fitness and Coaching. You’ll work closely with our Directors  of Training, Kris and Lindsey Marcelli, to dive deep into building your coaching skills, customer service skills, and business education.

Two internship tracks are held annually: Summer (Beginning in July) and Winter (Beginning in December or January). Please email us to reserve a spot and to get in contact to ask any questions you may have.


We’re always looking to build our team of Caring, Honest, and Driven coaches. Minimum requirements are: a CF-L1 or equivalent training certificate and 300 hours of coaching experience or equivalent client-facing customer service experience.
If you do not possess the requisite education or experience, we recommend you start by going through our internship process.
We’re always seeking applicants. Email your 1-page resume, cover letter, and 3 references to

Want To Work at Collective Mvmnt?

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While we try hard to maintain a relaxed and friendly training environment we are extremely serious about offering the highest quality coaching. As coaches, we aim to Educate, Entertain, and Inspire.

Our members come to us to be coached by the most knowledgable, best performing, approachable and friendliest coaches in the world. Uphold the standard.