With The CrossFit Open upon us, it’s important to remember how much your nutrition and other factors outside of the gym impact your performance.

This quick breakdown should serve as a quick reminder to make sure you’re well-prepared to crush the workouts for the next 5 weeks.

Nutrition – Make sure to eat plenty and fuel your body throughout the week with whole foods. The day of your Open workout, make sure to eat plenty throughout the day as normal. About an hour before your workout, make sure to get a small snack to ensure that you have fuel in the tank to complete the workout strong. A snack can be as simple as a half serving of a protein shake. Just remember to get something to keep you fueled, but avoid overdoing it to prevent an upset stomach during your workout. After the workout, make sure to replenish the nutrients you have burned during your workout by providing your body not only with a full serving of protein, but also plenty of carbohydrates.
Hydration – As always, stay hydrated throughout the day of your workout. A good rule of thumb is to drink 20 ounces of water one to two hours before your workout, followed by another 8 ounces of water 15 minutes before your workout. Suit this to your needs and the movements of the workout to determine how much water to have in your stomach to complete the workout feeling good. Having enough water in your body will allow your muscle to move more efficiently and work properly, as well as recover effectively.
Sleep – Though it may be tempting to stay up late strategizing how you’ll complete you workout, make sure to get plenty of sleep, especially the night before your workout. Sleep is vital for recovery in the body as this is the time that the body resets and repairs damage done the day prior. Sleep debt can not only prevent you from optimal performance, but also allow illness to sneak into your body. If you body is unable to recover properly, it’s often likely that it is also unable to ward off illnesses. Prioritize your sleep.
Stress – Try not to stress prior to the workouts. Anticipation and excitement are great, but stressing over the workout won’t allow you to fully enjoy the process and do your best doing the workout. Set a goal for each workout, and push as hard as you can to meet (and exceed) that goal. At the end of the day, it’s your workout and you’ll likely surprise yourself if you go into each workout with an open mind and positive mindset.
Plan ahead – The workouts are announced every week on Thursday evenings and the WOD on Friday’s will be the Open workout of the week with Friday Night Lights happening at 5:30pm. Create a plan around your schedule to not only get the workout done but do food prep, get enough sleep, pack your water bottle for the day, or whatever it is you need to do to be fully prepared for the workout each week. The consistency allows you to plan ahead and have a plan in mind to set yourself up for success.


You can have results or excuses, not both, so make sure your nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress aren’t holding you back during this Open season.


Coach Deidre