CrossFit prepares us for just about anything. Whether you’re a powerlifter whose output last a few mere seconds or you’re an endurance athlete that runs for hours on end, CrossFit is preparing you for those ‘broad time and modal domains.’ But what if you’re not a ‘firebreather’ working towards a spot in the CrossFit Regionals competition or looking to improve your skills to assure your position on the roster of a professional sports team? How do you achieve that pinnacle of CrossFit’s pyramid of development that ‘Sport’ sits atop?
You just need to find your ‘sport’ and embrace it. CrossFit makes us all feel and look better but hopefully standing in front of your mirror and thinking ,”Damn, I look and feel great!” only takes up a few seconds of your day.
Putting that fitness to work outside the gym should be fun and uplifting. It may be simply keeping up with your kids out on the playground. Those moments you’re playing WITH them rather than watching, exhausted on the nearby bench, are going to be with them their entire lives. Maybe it’s a night out dancing, enjoying the beats and not getting exhausted or worrying how you look. Maybe it’s something completely different, like jumping onto buildings and traversing yourself along ledges at a parkour gym like our partners, Urban Acrobatics. Or maybe it’s getting outside and hitting a mountain bike trail you’d only ever read about but weren’t willing to try.

Regardless of what your ‘sport’ is, make sure you’re using this new found fitness to the most and really enjoy all those things that we can now do OUTSIDE the gym thanks to the time we spend INSIDE!

~Coach Scott~