So spring is in the air, unless we get the lovely Colorado spring/summer snow shower, and then we all yell at the weather gods cursing them for why our legs are still pasty white.  So spring is in the air and summer will soon be upon us and we all know what that means: six-pack abs or days by the pool or really when it comes down to it-more skin

Gone are the days of sweatshirts and long pants, throw that winter clothing in the back of your closest and rip out those tank tops you bought in January as you scrolled through your calendar counting the months until a possible “warmer” day when you could wear them.  Short lengths get shorter, sleeves disappear, and there’s already been lots of shirts thrown on the ground cause they were no longer needed during the workout.


How is your beach body coming?  Have you started the “look good naked” diet?  Or have you started your “lean out” cycle?  Do you even care?  Do the days of more sun and heat and less clothing even motivate you to change your eating habits or is it a mere flip of the calendar?  What are you working towards this summer?  Everyone has something to work towards in these upcoming months: a wedding, a vacation, a trip to Las Vegas, a trip to the beach, a mud run, laying out by the pool, impressing that special someone.


So let’s talk about how you can get that Beach Body…some would say cut calories, workout more and eat less, drink more water, switch to a liquid diet, work out twice a day, etc.

All of those things work, but for how long?  How long can you keep RXing your workouts while fueling your body with only liquid through a straw?  Do your daily responsibilities allow you to workout twice a day?  If all of these things work but only for a short period of time, then what?  Fall arrives which then leads to the cold winter days of eating bon bons while sitting in your sweats.  But what if we changed our thinking from having a summer body to simply having… a body?  Just because the suns out doesn’t call for a time of drastic measures or extreme occurrences, but maybe its just a good reminder to take care of yourself.  Maybe it’s the wake up call to shake off the grey clouds of winter and start fresh.  Maybe it’s time to start a Whole30 challenge.  Maybe its time to finally commit to that new years resolution and start coming to the gym 3, 4, or 5 times a week.  Let the focus be what is most beneficial for you.  Imagine your energy production if you maintained a steady diet and consistent workout routine.  Imagine not having to reach for that energy drink after lunch.  Imagine stable insulin levels.  Imagine getting rid of those sugar cravings for good.  Imagine looking at yourself everyday throughout the year, 365, and being content because of the decisions you make everyday are for you and no one else.  Knowing it was the best you could possibly give yourself. 

Going from summer body to my body can be simple.  The first step is changing how we view being healthy, you have to believe that making healthy food choices and making the time to workout is worth it.  You have to see your health as a priority in your life.  To read more about the health benefits of eating a paleo diet check out:  If you’re not sure the benefits of CrossFit, please talk with the first coach you see or:


Once you have the right mindset then we can treat this as any goal:

Set the big goal

Make a plan

Establish small goals on the way to the big goal

Share it with someone/have an accountability partner


When it comes to falling off the path I’ll use an analogy a wise nutritionist once told me, “When we’re driving on the highway and we get off on the wrong exit, we don’t keep going.  We stop, turn around, and get back on the highway again.”  If you ate the Big Mac, large fries, and Diet Coke for lunch you don’t have to keep going, stop and turn back to the path you were on before and make your next meal a spinach salad with grilled chicken and avocado.  If you skipped the WOD today because you just couldn’t do one more burpee, doesn’t mean you have to skip the next 2 or 3 WODs.  Stop and come back the next day.

I wish you the best of luck this swimsuit season and in every season. Give yourself the best as you start taking steps in making your health not just about a period of time, something you did, but someone you are.


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Written By: Coach Brea