So what the heck is “The Open” that everyone is talking about?

The Open is a worldwide online competition that is the first step in finding the fittest on earth, but more importantly it is a chance for CFE to come together as a community.

Each year CFE puts everyone that registers for The Open into 5 teams. These teams come together and make shirts, dress up, and trash talk all the others for 1 year of bragging rights in the gym (you may have noticed the Witness Fitness banner hanging up). On Thursday night CrossFit HQ has a live announcement of the workout, we all watch in torture waiting to find out, then the 2 teams that are competing send out 1 athlete (think tribute from Hunger Games) to go head to head immediately following. On Friday at 6:30pm the rest of the teams show up and complete the workout, hang out, bring family, cheer everyone on, eat some great food, and enjoy a night of fitness. 

Over the years, competing in the open has been one of the top moments at CFE for nearly every single person you talk to. It is a chance to get under a little competition environment under the warm safety net of your home gym. Usually during the open people get their first double unders, TTB, MU’s, HSPU’s, heavy lifts, etc, they PR nearly everything. The atmosphere is electric in the gym and magic happens. The Open has a Rx and Scaled division as well, so don’t worry if you don’t have some of those movements down.

The video call outs you are seeing are meant to be a fun way of getting your friends involved in this once a year competition. If you get called out you will see your name on the whiteboard, and once you register it will be moved to the CFE community registered open athlete side; and no, you don’t have to be called out to register¬†smile emoticon

The first workout announcement is on Feb 25th, and will continue every week for 5 weeks. We will have a live draft of the athletes that have signed up on Feb 15th to put into our 5 teams (but you can register all the way up to the Feb 25th).


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